U.S. Presidential Candidate Meets Litecoin Founder

2020 US Presidential Election candidate, Andrew Yang, has met with Litecoin (LTC) founder, Charlie Lee, as seen in a Tweet by the election hopeful.

Yang is well known as being one of the few candidates that accepts Bitcoin (BTC) for his campaign – a trend that is growing in politics worldwide.

What Yang is even more well-known for is his intention to regulate the cryptocurrency industry in that market in the United States, so that it may flourish and compete with the markets of Asia and Europe. Yang has previously said that he would frame his policies after the policy work of Wyoming legislators and the sponsors of the Token Taxonomy act.

On Yang’s official campaign page, he says that he will:

Promote legislation that provides clarity in the cryptocurrency/digital asset market space by:

Defining what a token is, and when it is a…

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