Over 15k Tips Sent in 3 Months Via the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Online tips have begun to gain popularity with the crypto project Tippin. Tippin is built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and was designed to enable people to receive tips and micro-payments anywhere.

In its 3 months of existence, over 15k tips have been sent, signaling a good momentum for the adoption of the Lightning Network.

Tippin works in a way simple enough for everyday people to make use of. When a user registers, a unique link is shared, to which small amounts of Bitcoin can be sent. Users can withdraw their tips anytime they want, and the transactions are almost free. What Tippin really does is give users a simple web custodial wallet to receive and manage bitcoins through the Lightning Network.

According to Kevin Rooke, Tippin has had 14k signups, 15k tips sent, 4,000 browser extension installed, and 559 channels connected to it.

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