“It’s Blind, Deaf, and Dumb, and You Can’t Really Do Much With It.”

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), CEO of IOHK, and founder of Cardano (ADA), recently appeared on Ivan on Tech’s YouTube channel where he delved into the progress of Cardano, compared Cardano’s blockchain with Ethereum’s, and, oddly enough, with Bitcoin’s (BTC) as well.

The full interview can be viewed below:

Cardano Created To Improve Upon Bitcoin and Ethereum

The interview kicked off with Hoskinson explaining that, while Cardano officially launched in 2017, it actually started back in 2015 as an aspirational project aiming to mprove upon the troubles presented by Ethereum and Bitcoin.

According to Hoskinson, he and his team identified 3 key areas that they really wanted to focus on in order to compete and do something innovative in comparison to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He stated that while Bitcoin set out to be a currency, it’s not particularly useful beyond that scope. He even went on to say:

“It’s blind, deaf, and dumb, and you can’t really do much…

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