Interest in Ripple 2x Higher Than Ethereum in 2019

Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency and Ethereum (ETH) have long been battling each other for the #2 spot right next to the crypto king, Bitcoin (BTC), in terms of market capitalization. While the 2 runner-up cryptos swapped spots a number of times towards the end of 2018, Ethereum has remained in 2nd place for the whole of 2019.

Ethereum seems to be winning the popularity contest, with its current market cap of over $17.5 billion compared to XRP’s $13.8 billion. However, a different metric used to measure the rival cryptos’ popularity shows another story.

According to Google Trends, the number of worldwide users searching the term Ripple has been far greater than the number of search terms for Ethereum throughout 2019, indicating a greater overall interest in Ripple.

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Will Ripple (XRP) Surpass Ethereum (ETH) in 2019?

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