Ethereum Price Wakes Up Amid Bitcoin Surge, $200 Possible?

Ethereum has seen a rather sluggish 30-day period of trading after the cryptocurrency only managed to move by a total of -2.6% over the stated period. However, over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has risen by a total of 1.75%, bringing its current trading price up to around $174.50.

Ethereum remains ranked in 2nd position, as the cryptocurrency currently holds an $18.31 billion market cap valuation.

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Despite Bitcoin’s enormous 81% price growth over the past 90 trading days, Ethereum has only managed to climb a total of 40% in the same period. This is largely due to the fact that Ethereum has been consistently falling against Bitcoin all year round.

ETH/BTC started the year at a high above 0.041 BTC and has fallen by a total of 34% to its current trading price at around 0.0273 BTC. If we would like to see some gains for Ethereum that are similar to those of Bitcoin, we would need ETH/BTC to reverse and start to climb once again.


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