Cryptopia Hack Investigation, NZ Police Report Says “Excellent Progress Is Being Made”

The infamous Cryptopia hack, which resulted in over $16 million in crypto funds being withdrawn from unsuspecting user accounts over the span of 2 weeks, is being thoroughly investigated by New Zealand police, international law enforcement, and specialists worldwide.

The hack initially began on January 15 and lasted for around 2 weeks, during which tens of thousands of Ethereum (ETH) wallets on Cryptopia were compromised, leaving hackers in full control of their funds.

NZ Police: “Excellent Progress Is Being Made”

New Zealand authorities confirmed they were investigating on January 16, and today, February 7, they have finally released a follow-up press release. Per the report, police confirmed that they are coordinating an international investigation to track both the stolen funds and hackers.

As stated by Detective Inspector Greg Murton:

“The stolen cryptocurrency is being actively tracked by police and specialists worldwide due to the nature of the cryptocurrency…

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