Can It Increase 220% To Hit $1 Before 2020?

The future of Ripple is a hotly debated topic which has continued to increase over the previous year. With the cryptocurrency being the prime suspect in the “is it a security or not” debate and with some competition on the horizon with JPM Coin, it is difficult to judge if Ripple will continue to strive as well as it has been already.

Despite all the uncertainty on the table, the Ripple community is likely one of the largest communities in the cryptocurrency industry which gives Ripple a solid user base to work with. Adding further to this, the Ripple team have proven their capability time and time again as they continue to increase their number of partners at a staggering rate.

In this article, we will take a look over the recent positive and negative news for Ripple and provide an overview if Ripple has the potential to increase by 220% and reach $1 before 2020.

The chart below shows how far Ripple will have to travel before reaching $1.

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