Buy Stocks with XRP via Abra App — Plus, Ripple Partners With 11 New Universities

Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency, the 2nd-largest crypto by market capitalization, is another step closer to mass adoption, as the popular Abra wallet and crypto-investing app has announced they’ll be supporting XRP for the purchasing of US stocks with XRP.

The Abra app already allows customers to buy traditional assets like US stocks, ETFs, commodities, and indices with Bitcoin (BTC), making Abra the first app of its kind in the world to support crypto for buying traditional assets.

Shortly after Abra announced the support of Bitcoin for purchasing traditional assets, a tweet from XRP Nation asked Abra CEO Bill Barhydt if they plan to offer Ripple’s native XRP crypto for these same services as well. Barhydt responded saying yes, they will, but could not give an exact date.

Use Cryptocurrency to Buy Traditional US Stocks With Abra App

The ability to buy traditional assets with cryptocurrency via…

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