“As a Central Bank, We Can Create Money To Buy Assets” – Community Compares It To Bitconnect

Just recently, the European Central Bank (ECB) boosted awareness on Twitter as to why cryptocurrency is better than fiat money, vindicating Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts everywhere.

Ironically, the ECB did so unwittingly, as recommending  Bitcoin (BTC) or any crypto is self-detrimental, and the last thing any central bank wants to do.

What happened is this: the ECB started a Twitter thread under the hashtag #AskECB, and Twitter user Gianluca Nervegna took this chance to ask the European Central Bank, “Where did you get the money for the [quantitative easing]?”

Attributing the answer to Peter Praet, an executive board member and chief economist of the ECB, here is what they responded:

Crypto Community Refers ECB to Bitconnect

Following this controversial tweet by the ECB, crypto community members everywhere took the opportunity to…

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