3 Top Cryptocurrency Tax Calucaltors for 2020

The process of trying to find a high-quality tax calculator that will provide your desired experience can be a long and difficult one, especially when there are only so many products available on the market and many factors to take into consideration.

Whether you are looking for a product that will help you handle your crypto taxes on your own or you are looking for a solution that can act as a supplement to using a crypto tax accountant, having the right information regarding the products out there makes the process of choosing a crypto tax calculator much easier.

To give you some help along the way, here is a review of the top 3 cryptocurrency tax calculators: Koinly, Cointracking, and Bitcoin.tax!


Koinly is a crypto tax calculator that goes above and beyond for its users. Featuring support in over 100 countries with the ability to import information from and sync with over 300 exchanges, 10 blockchains, and 6000 cryptocurrencies, Koinly is the perfect option for traders and…

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