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Symbol: ZEC
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Zcash price

$50.58145324 (+2.52%)

BTC price
0.00581314 BTC
24 hours change
7 days change
Zcash Description

Zcash sees itself as a step up from Bitcoin, adding an extra layer of security to its public blockchain.

Unlike with Bitcoin, which is only pseudonymous, Zcash's transactions are shielded and private, meaning that transactions can be made completely anonymously and confidentially. Zcash achieves this by using zero-knowledge proofs and cutting-edge cryptography to keep private data private.

Its main competitors are similar coins like Monero which work in a similar way to achieve similar results with regard to user privacy and confidentiality.

Zcash market data
Market Cap 24h Volume Available Supply Total Supply
$462,606,907 $486,109,996 9,145,781 ZEC 9,145,781 ZEC
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