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Symbol: BTS
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BitShares price

$0.02458492 (-1.6%)

BTC price
0.00000273 BTC
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7 days change
BitShares Description

BitShares has some unique features that separate it from a lot of the other altcoins available. The first of these is a price-stable cryptocurrency - SmartCoins. These coins are tied to another asset, like the US dollar or gold, and are thus much more stable in price than Bitcoin or other altcoins which do not have their value tied to something else. These coins are always backed at least 100% by the BitShares core currency - BTS.

BitShares is also the first crypto platform that offers recurring and scheduled payments - similar to a standing order or direct debit set up with a bank. This allows third parties to take payments, within limits that you set, and easily set up recurring payments for bills or subscription fees.

BitShares market data
Market Cap 24h Volume Available Supply Total Supply
$67,597,718 $29,584,203 2,749,560,000 BTS 2,749,560,000 BTS
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